FFT Time mage

Time Mage is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. Also Time Sorceress in Japanese. It is unlocked by achieving level 2 in Wizard. They are a supportive magical Job, and if left alone, can quickly bestow a number of beneficial Status Effects on their allies and cripple their foes with ailments,

FFT Time Mage Male Portrait

turning the tide of battle. The Time Mage's only offensive spell is Meteor, which is devastating, but takes a long time to charge, and the Gravity spells, which cannot defeat a foe. It costs 8,320 JP to master this Job. As of War of the Lions,

FFT Time Mage Female Portrait

the Time Mage costs 8,920 JP to master, as several spells saw increases in JP needed to learn them.

The so called "Dragqueen" character is a glitched Time Mage found in Midlight's Deep.

Leveling up Time Mage to level 3 unlocks Summoner, and leveling it up to level 4 with Oracle, Wizard, and Priest unlocks Calculator.


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