Home to the powerful Murond sect of the Church of Glabados, whose rule supersedes that of the Crown here.
St. Murond Temple 1
St. Murond Temple, is a location in Murond and the center of the Church of Glabados in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the stronghold of the High Priest Marge Funeral.


  • Murond Temple - This is where Vormav Tingel betrays Funebris along with fellow two Templar KnightsRoffel, and Kletian On their way out, they fight Ramza Beoulve and are defeated. 
  • Murond Temple Sanctuary - Vormav summons Ramza's half-brother Zalbag from the dead and the trio escape. Ramza then defeats Zalbag and manages to get to the dying Funebris in time to learn where Folmarv is going right before the High Confessor dies.
    Hall of St. Murond Temple 1