Use phoenix down to restore life to a fallen unit. Vanishes after one use.
  • Effect - Revives any KOed unit it is used on, even enemies. It can KO most undead enemies and units with Zombie status, but skeleton and ghost type units will be reborn after a countdown when defeated this way. If the unit is revived, it can be guaranteed that the HP is very low.
  • Cost - 300 gil

The ability required to use it can be learned from the Chemist Job for 90 JP. It can be bought from all theoutfitters, is a common reward for winning battles and can be found on some locations with the Treasure Hunterability.

Phoenix Down is also mentioned in an optional mission by Ramza, who says "Oh, no! Phoenix Down! Where is the Phoenix Down!" when Mustadio suffers a rather painful strike from Worker 8.