Monk is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics. They are meant to be right in the front lines of a battle, dealing heavy physical damage to all who gets in their way. It costs 5300 JP to master this job.

Fftactics job40

The Monk is one of the best job for high-Bravery characters. The Monk's Chakra ability can heal others, as well as replenish MP. A Monk can become very powerful without much effort. By using Ramza's brave-raising skills, a player can allow the Monk to deal damage upwards of 999, with bravery at 90.

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To unlock this job, a unit must have Knight at level 3. Leveling this job up to level 3 unlocks Geomancer, and leveling up to level 4 along with Knight and Lancer unlocks Samurai.


Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities