Mime is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. The reward for training a unit in most Jobs, the Mime is unique in that it learns no abilities; instead, it mimics any action any of the player units do.
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Female Mimes wear a Swift Fox mask and tail. Males have a hat which resembles a Love Bird (beak facing back), likely alluding to a parrot's ability to mimic human speech and other sounds.

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The Mime job learns no abilities, they only have Mimic. It copies every action other units take. If a unit uses a Potion, the Mime will also on the next turn. If a unit attacks one square in front of it, the Mime will do likewise. Because of this the Mime needs careful planning to be effective. As the trade-off they get as many turns as there are allied human units in the battle. They are competent physical warriors due to their stats and innate support abilities.

Mimes can be used to set up traps, or attack enemies when the person using the ability is not in range. They may attack two spaces up, and one to the left, and the Mime will do the same, hitting the enemy if it happens to be there. They are useful with Dancers and Bards, as one Mime and one Dancer/Bard will double the dancing/singing without any waiting and more Mimes will equate in tripling or further, depending on how many are used.

A Mime cannot mimic another ally Mime's action nor the unique skills of exclusive classes such as Holy Swordsman; only the command skills which can be learned from regular Jobs can be mimicked. There is also a small chance the Mime will fail to mimic.