Mediator in the original version or Talker in the Japanese version, is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics. A magical-based job, the Mediator use speech as their main form of attack, along with guns. It is through the Mediator the

FFT Orator Female Portrait
FFT Mediator

player can recruit monsters into their party, but they can also be used to recruit human characters. It costs 3,900 JP to master this job. Despite the Mediators' illustration, they

cannot equip any rods, staves, nor poles in-game.

FFT Orator Male Portrait

Leveling Mediators up to level 4 with SquireChemistSummoner,Geomancer, and Lancer will unlock Mime, while leveling the job up to 4 with Summoner will unlock Bard for males.


Reaction Abilities

Support Abilities