Graveyard of Airships 1

Graveyard of Airships, is the site of the final battle in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located in the Murond Death City, accessible only by a portal within Orbonne Monastery.

Story Edit

After capturing Alma Beoulve and learning the location of the portal, Vormav Tingel travels to the Graveyard in an attempt to resurrect the leader of the Lucavi, Altima, using Alma as a host body. His initial efforts are in vain as not enough bloodshed has yet occurred since the original death of Altima's human host, Saint Ajora Glabados.

However, Ramza Beoulve soon arrives in an effort to rescue his sister. Vormav decides he must sacrifice Ramza to Altima in order to successfully initiate the resurrection, and transforms into Hashmal, second-in-command of the Lucavi. While Hashmal proves a powerful opponent, Ramza prevails and the Lucavi Beast's spell on Alma to keep her asleep begins to fail.

Unwilling to accept failure even at the cost of his own life, Hashmal commits suicide, causing Saint Ajora to successfully resurrect. Alma, however, resists Ajora and manages to separate from him, reappearing nearby. In a rage, Ajora transforms into Altima and attacks Ramza. After taking considerable damage, Altima takes on an even more powerful form, yet even this is not enough. Ramza overwhelms Altima, and the demon, in a last ditch effort to preserve her own life, ends up triggering a massive explosion which results in the destruction of the ship upon which the battle took place.