FFT Golem

Golem can be learned by Summoners, and blocks all attacks from the normal attack dealt by non-beast type unit, Jump, Throw, and Aim commands to the summoner's party until it has absorbed damage equal to the summoner's max HP. If Golem is recast before it has blocked enough damage, the amount of damage it can absorb will be reset to the caster's max HP. Also if more than one ally summon the Golem, only the last one's HP will be taken into account, not stacking up the HP pool of all casters.

It costs 40 MP to cast, has a speed of 34, and needs 500 JP to learn. It has a basic hit-rate of 100% regardless of the caster's magickal AT and Faith. However, a caster with zero Faith or under the status effect Atheist will actually miss the spell when summoning Golem.

In the PlayStation version, when summoned, the caster will sometimes chant, "Earth-minded soul, protect us! Golem!"