Crest of Fovoham

Fovoham is a territory in Ivalice of Final Fantasy Tactics. Ruled by Grand Duke Duke Gelkanis Barinten, it is in the northernmost part of Ivalice, separated from the military nation of Romanda by the Rhana Strait. Fovoham played an important role in deterring the Romandan invasion in the Fifty Years' War, thanks to the Grand Duke and his assassin squad Khamja.

Locations Edit

  • Riovanes Castle - Home to Grand Duke Barrington, liege lord of Fovoham, this castle is distinguished by its Romandan-style towers.
  • Yardow Fort City - A fortress city with some ten centuries of history, protected by thick stone walls built to repel invaders.
  • Yuguo Woods - Two-century-old yugue trees still grow here, but even this primeval forest was not spared from the ravages of war.
  • Fovoham Plains - These sprawling flatlands are covered by low grasses and battered by fierce winds from the Rhana Strait.