Chemist is a Job from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is the basic mage Job where all mage Job classes start, as

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FFT Chemist Female Portrait

opposed to Squire that is the basic Job of warrior classes. Chemist is the only Job that can initially use items, and can even throw them over great distances. Chemist also has two important passive abilities to learn, one for safeguarding equipment from being destroyed or stolen, and another for finding hidden treasure beneath the earth.

FFT Chemist Male Portrait

Once the player's party has arrived at Goug Machine City in Chapter 2, the player can buy guns for Chemists to equip, which will instantly increase their offensive capability in the battle. It costs 5,140 JP to master this Job.

Leveling Chemist up to level 2 unlocks Priest and Wizard, leveling it to level 6 with Squire unlocks Onion Knight, and mastering this job along with Orator, Summoner, Geomancer, Squire, andDragoon unlocks Dark Knight.

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