Archer is a Job in Final Fantasy Tactics. The first long-ranged physical Job, the Archer has the Aim action ability to strengthen their normal attack by waiting longer. This requires the player to check the Active Turn list more

FFT Archer
FFT Archer Female Portrait

frequently. Once the target has moved, the attack will fall to ground because, unlike magic abilities, physical abilities cannot lock on the target while charging. This makes the last few Aim abilities effectively useless unless the target is afflicted with the Sleep,Stop, or Immobilize status effects.

Despite its name, aiming does not improve the hit rate over the regularAttack. Aiming can be disturbed halfway, not only by various status ailments, but also by knockback (such as ramming by Rush) the attacker or target away from their original position. It costs 5,600 JP to master this Job.

FFT Archer Male Portrait

To unlock this job, the character must have Squire at level 2. Leveling this job to level 3 unlocks the Thief, while leveling it up to level 4 with Thief and Geomancer unlocks Ninja.


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